November 22, 2019

The Spirit of Ashley Hall miniboat was transported on November 22 to the island of St Marys to visit the secondary school where she will be assessed, repaired if needed, and hopefully sent back out – but not before the students connect and learn more from each other!

A note (with pictures below) from Ms. Marshall on November 22 reads, “The Spirit was picked up this morning and should be on St Marys by now! It was collected by one of our parents on his quad bike and then taken on our local freight boat to St Marys where it will be delivered up to the school there either today or Monday!”

November 27, 2019

We heard from the STEM Club:

“We have just had our first STEM club with your boat, and we are amazed how it has managed to reach us. We have had a good look at the structure and potential damage and will look at how we will remedy and refurbish it to the best of our ability.”