After completing his lifelong dream of a solo sail, Dick Baldwin launched Educational Passages as a project to spread ocean and environmental literacy.  Our GPS-equipped MiniBoats follow ocean currents and winds, allowing students of all ages to explore oceanic phenomena while we develop transoceanic classrooms.  The goal of Educational Passages is to introduced participants to sailing, engage students in collaborative learning through international cultural experiences, and increase understanding of the value of the hydrosphere as a shared resource through ocean literacy.  The program brings the ocean to the classroom, whether you’re on the coast or landlocked.

Over the past eight years, new boat designs, partnerships, and ambitions have expanded the program’s audience and scope. People of all ages and across fourteen different countries track our little boats. Clubs, schools, libraries, individuals, and foundations have joined our international educational community. We work together globally to connect and educate students by building, launching, and recovering the boats.

With our program spanning the globe, this site works as a hub to support and connect our many participants and partners.  Launch yourself into our ocean of educational opportunities by visiting the following three pages.

For Educators
Active Boat Map
“Current” Events

On this site, you can order a boat, find links to educational resources, and meet our dedicated team.  Our goal is to achieve global ocean literacy.  We invite you to join us on our mission.

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