How to begin your adventure

Miniboat Program

Students work together to prepare, deploy, and track their very own miniboat while learning about ocean currents, weather, technology, and more. Each 5-foot long unmanned miniboat has a satellite transmitter, allowing you to track it as it sails across the ocean. Connect with the local school and community where it lands and learn about cultures around the world. Our Miniboat Program empowers students to become citizen scientists and global ocean stewards.

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Check out all of the amazing things you can do with your very own miniboat – download this one page flyer.


Visit the order page to download the form and get started on YOUR very own miniboat adventure!


Some assembly is necessary, but we include everything you will need in the box.


Set your miniboat to sea by working with the maritime community to plan your launch – make sure to launch it with wind and currents for global travel!


Follow the voyage daily and dive into oceanographic information around the track in our Path Analysis Tool (PAT).


Explore many topics such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), Oceanography, Geography, International Relations, History, and more.


Share your story and make connections around the world, especially if your miniboat lands and is brought to another school.


As it approaches shore you’ll want to connect and work with local community members to help find and recover your miniboat so they can bring it to a nearby school.


If possible, refurbish and deploy your miniboat again and again to keep it sailing around the world.