EP At Home

Learning and Exploring at Home

Educational Passages is a global program dedicated to connecting people around the world to the ocean and each other. That means there are many ways you can engage with us, whether you’re in a classroom, at home, or on the go. 

Virtual Connection Events

May 29

The Mighty Miniboat Float Part 1: A Miniboat’s Big Adventure

June 5

The Mighty Miniboat Float Part 2: Thar She Blows!​

June 9

Recycle Regatta: Miniboat design and ocean currents

June 12

The Mighty Miniboat Float Part 3: The Mighty Columbia

During the challenge period (May to July 1), we will be partnering with NESS to provide virtual learning and assistance while you engineer your boat. Join us every Tuesday for a weekly check-in and exploration!

May 1
May 1

Boat engineering begins!

May 12 - June 30
May 12 - June 30

Tuesday resource connections

July 1
July 1

Deadline for submissions

July 10
July 10

Winners announced


To start your own miniboat adventure, click here. To donate to our SCHOLAR-SHIP fund: