High Hopes (the “Cape Town Miniboat”)

Two Oceans Aquarium


1st Voyage

  • April 2018 - Announcing the first miniboat off the Cape of Good Hope

    Educational Passages (EP) and the Two Oceans Aquarium will  launch a miniboat off the Cape of Good Hope in 2018. Thanks to the generous support from the Bonnell Cove Foundation, EP staff will travel to Cape Town, South Africa to deliver the miniboat and assemble it with local students.

    The Two Oceans Aquarium will work with local South African students in launching and following the boat, which we hope will sail across the Indian Ocean and perhaps bring the EP program to Australia, or even the Philippines, and all around the world!

  • June 2018 - Miniboat delivered to South Africa

    The miniboat was delivered to South Africa this month and the students added their own messages and began preparing the boat for launch.


  • July 2018 - Launched

    The miniboat High Hopes was released in the Southern Hemisphere off South Africa’s Antarctic research vessel SA Agulhas 11 in July. Check out the deployment video:

    This is the mighty Agulhas current… it could go to South Africa West African coast eg Angola / Senegal, Brazil, Florida, or even Australia, South America, Japan, or India! Oceanography consultants cannot say. It might be caught up on a winter storm in the next week. We will see!

    Other “Tools of the Trade” from the SEAmester III 2018 (check out @4:16):

  • August 2020

    Two years after the miniboat High Hopes was launched off South Africa, she had ended up back to where she started! Where to next?