1st Voyage


  • Preparations

  • May 2019 - Ready for deployment

    Thanks to LT Atwell and the crew of the CGC STEADFAST, the Maverick Jr was loaded and will be deployed within the next month or so.

  • July 18, 2019

    The miniboat Maverick Jr was set to sea on July 18, 2019 and is the Columbia River Maritime Museum fleet’s first miniboat outfit with air and water temperature sensor package on board!

Data Access

This boat has air and water temperature sensors. To access the data directly, click here (headers are id, esn, mth, day, hr(UTC), min, yearday, lon, lat, depth(m), nan, mean_air_temp, min, max, mean_sea_temp, min, max, year. Other file formats are also available in .csv)

About Us

The Columbia River Maritime Museum’s Miniboat Program was developed in partnership with Educational Passages and the Consular Office of Japan in Portland. Students in the Pacific Northwest build unmanned sailboats equipped with GPS transmitters, one to launch from the coast of North America and the other to send to their partner class in Japan for launching. While the boats are at sea, students on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean will track their movements. Using real-time data on ocean currents and weather, students will share their predictions on where the boats will go next, and hopefully create lasting friendships.

The mission: to get the boats to cross the Pacific Ocean.

The outcome: through hands-on activities and meaningful opportunities, students are enlightened and empowered.