Sesimbra a Bordo


1st Voyage - Symbolic launch

  • About Sesimbra a Bordo

    An excerpt about the program from the Municipality of Sesimbra website, “Launch of Sesimbra boat on board – Project Takes Portugal to the World”:

    The boat Sesimbra a Bordo is part of the project Take Portugal to the World – Blue School, promoted by this grouping of schools, with the support of the City Council of Sesimbra, and monitoring and guidance of the Directorate-General of the Sea, and the Instituto Superior Técnico, through the ISR Research Center – Lisbon. The aim is to promote ocean literacy by mobilizing society, in particular children and young people from different educational backgrounds, in close collaboration with various institutions linked to the sea and education.

    In practice, it is an educational project that, in addition to stimulating the work of students and teachers from various schools in the decoration, launch and monitoring of this small boat, intends to reproduce the old message on the bottle. But in this case, the message is presented in the form of content in the areas of natural sciences, geography, history, mathematics, citizenship, information technology, arts, or Portuguese, and is compiled in several pen, which are on board this boat, equipped with GPS and satellite transmitter connected to system of the American Agency NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) [CORRECTION: Should read Educational Passages in the US], which will allow you to monitor the course.

    In addition to the contents, the boat is decorated with motifs alluding to Sesimbra and Portugal.

    As the name implies, the idea is to Take Portugal to the World, since when the boat arrives at a new destination, it creates the effective opportunity to promote contact between students from different countries and cultures.

    All information about the project Takes Portugal to the World is available on the website of the Directorate-General for Sea Policy,, where the methodology is explained, and referenced some national and international examples within it.

  • June 2019 - Symbolic launch

    The Sesimbra a Bordo (which translates to “Sesimbra on board”) was celebrated at the symbolic launch on 14 of June, in Sesimbra, at 5.30 pm (Praia do Ouro/17.30h), which was preceded by an ethnographic parade with students and their families.