The Spirit of Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall (SC)


1st Voyage

  • October 2018

    The students of Ashley Hall voted from 42 to 4 names for their miniboat, and eventually to 1 winner: The Spirit of Ashley Hall. They unscrambled over a dozen balloons to reveal the winner on October 5.

  • November 9, 2018

    Update from the Journalism Team: “We have started to sand our boat and prepare it for its long journey across the seas. Each group has been working hard to make our boat strong and durable. Every Friday we continue to prepare our boat. When it is ready and has been launched into the ocean we will predict where it will make landfall. We have already made our first prediction. We can’t wait for the day that someone finds our boat. Here is an interview with an Ashley Hall student.”

  • November 30, 2018

    Update from the students at Ashley Hall: “Today we finished ballasting the keel. We are almost ready to create our group photo, to include in the time capsule and to varnish onto the deck, but 3 students were absent today so we are going to wait until next week. The International Relations team continues to work on writing letters in different languages. Next week, we will attach the keel to the boat and test it in the pool to see where the new waterline is so that we can begin painting the hull. Other students researched local coastal clean-ups and are working on a proposal to create our own. We are determined to give back and to be stewards of our environment.”

    A short slideshow of progress so far:

    Pictures of the students’ work so far:

    Watching the tutorial on ballasting the keel
    Students planning their project
    A member of the Sail team designing the sail
    Getting ready to fill the keel
    The IR team working on letters to include
    Filling the keel with sand and resin
    Checking the water level in the pool
    Double checking the instructions
    Sanding the boat to prepare it for paint
    Sanding the boat to prepare it for paint
    All ready to fill the keel up
    Sanding the boat to prepare it for paint
    Checking how the mast and sail fit
    Involving our art teacher in design
    Gathering materials about Ashley Hall
  • December 7, 2018

    Update from the video team: “This week we are working on creating and iMovie of the boat building process. We are excited to share what we have been doing with you! The keel team is making final preparations to attach the keel. The sail team continues to decorate the sail today. The deck team has done a little extra work to explore ideas for litter clean-ups and they are figuring out what currents will affect our boat. The hull team completed a license plate for our boat and will be laminating it and varnishing it onto the stern of the boat.  They will finally be painting and decorating the hull next week. Finally, the International Relations team continued to work on their letter and translations and gathered more items for the dry hatch.”

    Interview with the Deck Team: