Bob Along


2nd Voyage

May, 5,2014

The note that was put inside the Bob Along before being sent to sea again:

This is “Bob-Alongs” second voyage.  In June 2013 she sailed from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia in 31 days and was recovered on Long Island by a fisherman & his son.  The boat was returned to us and we are sending it out gain.  She is being launched this time approximately 250 miles west of the Straits of Gibraltar in June 2014.  This time we expect it to sail to the to the Caribbean Islands.  If it isn’t picked up there it will probably sail on to the Bahamas and eventually end up back on the east coast of North America.

This boat was sent out by 3 different groups: A middle school, The vocational school who makes thes boats, and a retirement center.  We are all very interested to see where the winds and current will take “Bob-Along”.  We hope you’ll contact us, fix up the boat as needed, add some messages, and relaunch her so she can continue her voyage.  We look forward to hearing from you!

1st Voyage

This boat is a collaborative effort between the Rockland Middle School, The Mid-Coast School of Technology who made this boat and the Bartlett Woods Retirement Center all located in beautiful Rockland, Maine, USA.