Voyage 1

1st Voyage

  • July 27, 2015

    Deployment video:

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  • July to November 2015

    After being loaded on the Hermione while at dock in Castine Maine (see photos below) and deployed soon after near the Grand Banks, the Bon Voyage initially took an unusual route heading NNE along the eastern shore of Newfoundland but it eventually got on a more normal track.

    Having two transmitters on deck there are two tracks. It was reporting four times per day but after it apparently hit the rocks it went silent. The last fix was at 2100Z on 20 Nov. It has transmitted a few times since then but without lat/lon, it is probably laying in the rocks hidden from the satellites.

  • November 2015

    As of 23 November 2015, it had apparently made landfall in France! Thanks to Marie-Caroline Martin (a NOAA associate while she was studying in the US) there are several parties on the lookout for recovery including the Paimpol Maritime School (shown here in the picture to the right).

    Marie writes on 23 November: “It was so sad to go back home yesterday without Bon Voyage. BUT We are still thinking about other possibilities to retrieve her. We are not giving up. We will probably go back to check the beaches/ bays around Cape Frehel after the high tides (next week). Perhaps…It might be helpful to run an hydrodynamic model (with wind and current direction) to get a more precise estimate of where BV could be (?).The currents are especially strong in that specific area, and there is of course Cape Frehel.”

    She also provided a link to drone footage of the area and met with a journalist to talk about the story, and is asking the locals to contact them if they see a ‘blue and white thingy’ somewhere on a beach.

This little boat, deployed in late July off the French ship Hermione near the Grand Banks, has a lot of followers.  It was sponsored by a large group of institutions all along the coast of Maine including:

  • Beal’s Island Maine Elementary School
  • Adams School in Castine, Maine
  • School in Rose Valley in Brooksville, Maine
  • Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH
  • Gulf of Maine Marine Educators Association
  • Coast Encounters in Wells, Maine
  • Newington NH Public Schools
  • Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbor Magazine in Rockland, Maine