1st Voyage

April 2015

As it made a close approach to the northern shores of Scotland in April 2015, the government marine scientist/colleagues were watching and blogging about it. We added comments to emphasize the call for help.

On the morning of 25 April 2015, it appeared to make landfall on the Orkney Island of “Papa Westray” which evidently has approximately 100 homes, primarily farms. This remote northwest sector of the island looks like it has fairly rocky shores and is several kilometers from any homes.

A few days later, with help from Sarah Hughes (a physical oceanographer who works for the Scottish government), a Scottish BBC reporter called Lisa Swanson, the teacher in NJ, and informed her that the search was on.

November 2014

The Crimson Wave, deployed by supply ship bound for Bermuda on 19 November 2014 along with another boat from Delaware, is from the Morristown-Beard School in NJ.