1st Voyage

  • Sept 2020 - March 2021

    The students worked hard over the school year to prepare their miniboat in between remote learning and limited classroom time. In February, they named their 9th miniboat Crimson Storm. Here are some pictures of the work:

    Here are some pictures of the cargo hold contents:

    And the full crew with completed boat:

    The Morristown Beard School wrote the following article, “‘Crimson Storm’ Ready for High-Seas Adventure!” on March 4, 2021. Here is an excerpt from the article:

    “The vessel is equipped with a GPS that transmits to a satellite, so the students can track its journey on the web. In its hull, students placed a variety of items including a baseball, a map showing their hometowns, essays about life in New Jersey, an MBS pennant, and issues of Crimson magazine.

    To prepare for the launch, the 6th Graders participated in a Zoom call with Cassie Stymiest, Director of Educational Passages. She provided the students with background about the program and discussed launch plans for Crimson Storm.”

    During spring break, Middle School geography teacher Lisa Swanson drove the boat to Salem, New Jersey, where it would be placed aboard a cargo ship and launched when the ship reaches the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some pictures of it ready for the deployer:

  • April 5, 2021 - Ready for deployment on the M/V Bermuda Islander

    Thanks to River Pilot Andrew Parish for meeting Ms. Swanson and bringing the Crimson Storm onboard the M/V Bermuda Islander. It is safely on board and will be launched into the Gulf Stream later this week, if conditions are right.

  • April 7, 2021 - Set to sea

    Thanks to the crew of the M/V Bermuda Islander, the Crimson Storm was launched into the Atlantic. We’ll post the full details and pictures if there are any when the crew returns back to port in NJ.

    This is the 15th miniboat launched off the Bermuda Islander!

  • October 2021 - Last reported near the Azores

    The Crimson Storm sailed for 6 months and last reported near the Azores.

The Crimson Storm is Morristown Beard School’s 9th miniboat, and the 15th boat launched off the Bermuda Islander. This school is breaking records!