1st Voyage

  • November 6, 2013 - Launched at sea

    The Crimson Cruiser was launched on November 8, 2013 off the Mid-Atlantic states.

  • November 13, 2013 - Landed and recovered

    While it started failing to report GPS fixes just a few days into its journey, it did finally report from a few miles off Daytona Beach, Florida on the morning of 13 Nov.

    Here is the family that found “Crimson Cruiser” on Smyrna Beach in Florida

    Later that day, two German tourists found it on New Smyrna Beach, Florida. They reported that “Crimson Cruiser” was in good shape.


2nd Voyage

  • November 2013 - Transported to Delaware

    Crew of Somers Isles

    A few weeks later it was trucked up to Delaware with Captain Wes and then loaded on a supply ship called “Somers Isles” which was headed to Bermuda.  The plan was to re-launch her off the ship on their way to Bermuda but the rough weather prevented that so it spend the weekend in Bermuda.

    Those pictured in the group photo are front row, FLTR: Captain Hendrik Pak, Chief officer Hielke Hoekstra and back row, FLTR: Cook Ambrocio Fabros, Chief engineer Mark Gubinskiy, Second officer Reylan Lagumbay, Able seaman Noel Eballe, Trainee Hidde Hazekamp, Able seaman Jerwin Abejo.

  • December - Launched before Christmas 2013

    It was finally relaunched a few days before Xmas near the Gulf Stream.

    Going over the side

    The captain reported in an email “Once the boat got wind in her sail, she sped off to the north at about 4 knots or so. I overtook her once and gave her a salute, before continuing our voyage to Newalk, NJ.”

    In the water

    Barely visible in the water

    While it was retained east of the Gulf Stream initially, the students are hopeful it will finally take the northern route to Europe along with several other boats.

  • October 13, 2016 - Quiet at sea after 1,024 days at sea

    We last heard from the Crimson Cruiser on October 13, 2016 after 1,024 days at sea.

The “Crimson Cruiser” is from the 6th grade class of Morristown-Beard school at Morristown, NJ.