Crimson Cyclone

Morristown Beard (NJ)


1st Voyage

The Crimson Cyclone is Morristown Beard’s 11th miniboat! It was deployed on December 24, 2023. Check back later for pictures from the crew who built it!

Here is the launch report:

Launching of Mini-boat has successfully completed.

Please find some details from launching:

–          Launch time and the position: 24-12-2023 10:19 LT / 15:19 UTC

Lat – 33 deg 52.0’ N   /   Long – 075 deg 59.6’ W

–          Wind force: E (4 Bf) 13 kts

Sea state: E (3) 1 meter

Swell: ENE 2 meters

Please find attached photos from launching.

Merry Christmas from All Crew of m/v “Independent Quest”

December 26, 2023

The winds pushed the Crimson Cyclone back to shore quickly, landing at Cape Lookout Seashore on December 26. It was found on the beach not too long after, and brought down to the southern point of the beach. There it was relaunched from the surf zone!

2nd Voyage

After a quick first voyage, the Crimson Current found its way to Cape Lookout off the coast of North Carolina. It was found by a beachwalker, and then transported to the southern end of the island where it was relaunched into the surf. A few hours later it landed at Pine Knoll Shores.