2nd Voyage

November – December 2015

On November 19th that same year it was redeployed again by the R/V Thompson. After sailing several hundred kilometers to the south, it reversed direction, sailed north, and made landfall on Long Beach Vancouver Island on the 9th of December.

1st Voyage

May 2015

The miniboat Dolphin was launched off the R/V Thompson while working near the Northwest Enhanced Moored Observatory off the coast of Washington and on the 24th of May, it made landfall a few days later on Ocean Shores.

Thanks to Tracy Crews and Cait Goodwin, we have the following stories of these Oregon Sea Grant boats:

Student-Built Boat Takes Scientific Mission to the High Seas – By Jes Burns
February 10, 2015 – OPB EarthFix produced a 3 minute radio piece on the unmanned sailboat project in Coos Bay.  Teacher “Andrew Giniger says the project came to Sunset Middle school through the Oregon Coast STEM Hub, which helps coordinate science, technology, engineering and math projects at schools.” To listen, read and see photos, click here.

Coos Bay Students to Build Boat – By Chelsea Davis
November 10, 2014 – The World describes how Coos Bay students are building a 5 foot unmanned sailboat that they will be able to track with GPS throughout the Pacific. Read the article

  • The Statesman Journal identified these student boat-builders as WINNERS in their Nov 13 column. Read it here
  • The World article was picked up by the AP and published in the Washington Times on Nov 13

Science at Sea – By Tracy Crews

May 21, 2015 – Educators from Oregon will be taking part in a research cruise, during which they will deploy the SS Dolphin, a 5 foot unmanned sailboat built by Coos Bay students. Read more here.

The SS Dolphin was prepared by the Toledo High School teacher, Ben Ewing, with some help from the Coos Bay middle school students.