1st Voyage

  • June 21, 2017

    As usual, this one was deployed by the R/V Cape Hatteras in the vicinity of the Gulf Stream with help from Captain Bobby Daniels.


  • October 8, 2019 - Last heard from

    We last heard from the Jack the Cat miniboat on October 8, 2019.


    The Jack the Cat miniboat sailed for 859 days before it last reported its position. It sailed for 22,973 km (12,404 nm) around the Atlantic Ocean. In a straight line from start to finish the distance was only 2,480 km (1,339 nm)!

The SS Jack the Cat is another miniboat built by the Marine Tech students at CFCC.

It follows many other drifters and boats launched over the years by Jacqui Degan students.

This is a joint effort between Cape Fear Community College’s Marine Technology and Boat Manufacture and Service programs, and the Wilmington Marine Center, whom donated money to purchase two transmitters (the second miniboat will be deployed during our fall cruises).