1st Voyage

The Lady Lancer is the sister ship to the Lancer, which first traveled from Ireland and then the UK (and soon to be relaunched from the Canary Islands).

Students at Waterford High School in Mr. O’Connor’s ECE Marine Science class took on the task of building the boat and preparing a new Student Drifter from GOMLF/NOAANEFSC. They did this back in 2016 (see above) and wanted to replicate the research to learn more about wind and currents in the ocean.

The decoration of the sail and boat was done in partnership with Quaker Hill Elementary School, who helped assemble the drifter in 2016. It is great to see long term connections loop back around to extend the learning opportunities!

On October 20, 2022, a virtual reunion was hosted over Zoom where students from Tor Bridge School in Plymouth got to meet the original students, Kaitlin and Maebh, and connect with new students at Waterford High School:

The project was highlighted by the newspaper, The Day, on November 1, 2022: Waterford High boat set to cross the Atlantic again

By November 8th, the fully assembled boat and drifter were delivered to the dock in Woods Hole, MA where it was boarded on the R/V Neil Armstrong. This was the vessel that launched the pair back in 2016! We’d like to thank the crew, PI Al Pleuddeman, and Chief Scientists John Lund for all their support with the project.

Sensor Data

  • Click here to access sensor data

    This boat has two GPS systems onboard. The location reports from both units will show on the map at the top of this page once it is deployed.

    Here below is where you can see the data reporting from the second GPS which is connected to a custom sensor package. In addition to reporting location with a secondary GPS tracker, this system is also collecting air temperature, water temperature, and orientation of the boat.

    Please note that the map below will only show the last 7 days of data and may include invalid points and data. If you are interested in more data, contact us.