• July 2018 - Assembling the box

  • August 2018 - Preparing the Mahi Mahi

    The Mahi Mahi is put together with keel installed, and is now decorated and being tested.









  • October 2018 - Presenting the Mahi Mahi

  • June 2019 - Ready for deployment

    The new team leader of the International Group from Anle High School reached out to us with the following notice: Our boat MAHI-MAHI will be cast in the outer sea of ​​Wushi Port, Yilan at 29, June, 2019.
  • June 29, 2019 - Launched!

    The Mahi Mahi was launched with the Taiwan #1 on June 29, 2019!

  • July 16, 2019 - Landed on Nakanoshima

    After 18 days at sea, on July 16, 2019 at o:ooZ, the Mahi Mahi appeared to have made landfall on Nakanoshima Island in Japan. Friends in Japan were quickly contacted to check things out as it was low tide when it landed. We hope she is recovered and not damaged!

    She sailed 1,627 km (879 nm) with an average speed of 2.15 knots. From start to finish, the linear distance is 954 km (514 nm). She is also the first miniboat to sail this far into the Kuroshio current!

    Tsuyoshi Sasaki who lives in Japan and is a friend of the miniboat team contacted Mr. Hirayama, vice principal of Nakanoshima junior high said it is very difficult to approach, because no road and rocky sea shore. He advised that with the Typhoon coming, we should wait for wind and current support… Unfortunately the GPS sent its last signal at 2:00Z.

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Hello! We are the team of MAHI-MAHI miniboat and come from ANLE High School of Keelung, Taiwan. We saw the most special project in various activities at the school. The project that the small ship explores the world with the wind and current, making us very hope to explore it with the world together as we are the oceanic son of the marine island nation. After taking over the project, we began to call together other willing parties. We also began to allocate work and plans for many projects. We have already achieved considerable results. We will use the log to present the team’s work plan, content, implementation projects, etc.

It is our pleasure to participate in the global plan of Educational Passages.

Through the joining and linking of cities in various countries of the world, we use existing knowledge to explore the profound and full of unknown world of ocean. We hope that in the future we can discover more novel and interesting things, let us contribute to our ability, and make us get closer to this blue ocean and have a deeper understanding of it. At the same time, we can continue to promote this activity and share this joy with others.