1st Voyage - Recovered after 102 days at sea (11/8/18 – 2/18/19) traveling 5,096 km

  • About the Raven KASTER

    The School of Ocean Technology at the Fisheries and Marine Institute challenged Grade 8 students to create a 90-second video on the theme “How Oceans Affect Climate Change.” Here’s a link to the video challenge. A Grade 8 class at Frank Roberts Junior High in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, won the video challenge. You can view the winning video here and here:

    “Raven” is the school mascot of Frank Roberts Junior High. “Kaster” is a spin-off of “cast” – to throw something out in hopes of catching something. Also “Kaster” contains the first two initials of each of the three students who created the winning video. Such creativity in these junior high students!

    This miniboat was prepared by the Grade 8 students with help from the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. The students visited the Marine Institute for a day of activities. Together, the students learned about oceanography and currents, and took part in activities focused on boat building and ocean mapping. They also spent time preparing, naming and personalizing their miniboat. Prior to setting sail, the vessel was filled with letters and pictures from the students.


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    Marine Institute – Twitter @marineinstitute / Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ marine.institute/

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  • November 8, 2018 - Launched on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland

    The Raven Kaster was launched on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland on Canada’s east coast during November 2018 by Maersk Supply Service.


  • February 2019 - Recovered in Ireland!

    In February, only 3 months after deployment, the Raven KASTER was approaching Ireland. Thanks to @tomshepp on Twitter for providing updates to its followers!

    February 18, 2019

    After 102 days at sea, the Raven KASTER was recovered on a beach in Western Ireland! Sean Molloy, Manager of Achill Tourism contacted the School of Ocean Technology at the Fisheries and Marine Institute by email, noting that the boat had been found by a local fisherman Darren Kilbane (shown in the photo on the left) on Dookinella beach on the south side of Achill Island on the West coast of Ireland. Darren is a fisherman and was very surprised to see the boat washed up on the road following a big storm that we have had here in recent days. Sean kindly noted, “On behalf of Darren, myself and the people of Achill Island, I would like to send you greetings and congratulate you on participating in this exciting project.”

    The owners replied quickly as follows: “That’s great news! Thanks so very much for reaching out. And many thanks to Mr. Kilbane for rescuing the mini-boat. The Raven KASTER was prepared by Grade 8 students and launched off Newfoundland) in November 2018. Further details can be found here. What we’d like to do is connect the students with a school in Ireland and, hopefully, get it relaunched. We think this would be a great opportunity to make connections and engage students in both countries. We’ll be in touch again shortly! Please pass on our sincere things to Mr. Kilbane and thank you again for reaching out.”

    Sean then noted: “The Irish schools are currently in mid term break. I’ll give your details to the local school and give them the memory stick with the letters too.”

    February 19, 2019

    The story was quickly shared through social media (see Facebook post above), and local (both Canadian and Irish) news channels. The Marine Institute (@marineinstitute) shared the following on Twitter: “We are so excited the Raven Kaster landed in such welcoming hands in Ireland. Watch ‘s Beth Penny tonight as she interviews , MI and Irish fisherman Darren Kilbane who found the miniboat.”

    From all of us at Educational Passages we’d like to say Congratulations to the School of Ocean Technology at the Fisheries and Marine Institute, Frank Roberts Junior High, and all the followers of the Raven KASTER for a successful voyage across the Atlantic!

    TG4, Local Irish News Station reported the story on their evening news, and Sean Malloy from Achill Tourism shared with us about the video that, “It’s basically about the project, that the local children will be getting involved and the second woman is talking about the irish link, that some places in Newfoundland have name that have Irish translations and that some of the surnames of the children are found in Achill.”

    Students in Newfoundland were interviewed the evening of February 19 about their miniboat that landed across the sea:

    March 6, 2019

    An update was announced on the Newfoundland & Labrador English School District website: FRJH’s Raven Kaster Travels From NL to Ireland.


    Sept. 26, 2019

    An article was posted in the Memorial University Gazette in the special Community Collaboration section: Trans-Atlantic learning: Junior high students trace mini-boat’s voyage to Ireland’s West Coast by Moira Baird. Here is an excerpt:

    “We do it to raise awareness about the oceans and to get young people thinking about how the world’s oceans impact their daily lives,” said Paul Brett, head of the school. “They learn about oceanographic conditions, sailing routes across the Atlantic and ocean careers. The ongoing GPS signal gives the students the opportunity to follow the mini-boat’s progress, see what it’s doing each day and learn about weather and storms that affect its journey.