1st Voyage

  • About Us and the Rowe RIda

    Using inspiration from Burrillville High School’s previous mini boat, the BHS Roweboat, students involved in the Environmental Science pathway at BHS collaborated ideas to finalize this year’s mini boat as the Rowe-RIda.

    While having inspiration from Mr. Rowe and the last mini boat, the classes also found it comical to include a reference to Flo Rida, an American rapper, where the “RI” also represents Rhode Island.

  • April 2022 - Preparations

    The Environmental Science classes began working on the boat on April 6, 2022. The class split into three teams in order to complete the project on time. This includes the media team, the keel/hull team, and the sail/deck team from BHS’s Environmental Science II class and an ocean sensor team from the Environmental Science I class.

    Students involved on the keel and hull team started adding and preparing the ballast by
    mixing fiberglass resin into dry sand to fill the hollow keel. Unfortunately, the ballast did not settle correctly on the first try but students were able to quickly remove the failed sand mixture and replace it with more that would settle correctly. After everything was completely dried, students sanded the keel and hull connection.

    Students on the sail and deck team shared ideas to create and finalize a design for the sail. The members of this group each took a section of the sail to illustrate a design significant to the Environmental Science pathway while also representing our school. Wildlife and native animals such as flowers and jellyfish were included to help represent the environmental aspect. To make these more personal to our school, the group used bees to represent the beehive at Burrillville High School. The Bronco on the sail represents our school mascot and It has a gold chain around its neck to emulate the relation to Flo Rida.

    The media team was responsible for documenting the progress of the boat each day. This team took pictures of the progress to include on our Educational Passages Rowe RIda webpage here. We plan on partnering with a local podcast to discuss our progress and experience so far. As well as talking with NRInow (local news) about the miniboat project and the town cleanup that took place on April 28th.

    The Ocean Sensor Team was tasked with installing the GPS, solar panels, and electronics, such as the air and water sensors, on the mini boat. Students were responsible for laying out sensor design, connecting wires, testing sensor components and final installation.


    Teams continue to work together to complete the project for May 9th to deliver to the University of Rhode Island! Launch will be aboard the R/V Endeavor in the warm currents of the Gulf Stream.


  • May 13, 2022 - Launched into the Atlantic

    The BHS Rowe RIda was set to sea by the crew of the R/V Endeavor on May 13, 2022 at 11:35 am local time into the Atlantic Ocean. It was launched near a Saildrone, which was part of the cruise mission. More details to come, but for now we want to thank the URI GSO, Jaime Palter, and the whole crew for taking the miniboat onboard and launching it to sea. Click here to read more about their work. We also hope the onboard sensor data can also help contribute to your work to better understand our ocean!

    Here are some great pictures from the launch thanks to Ginny Cousens:

    Sensor Data

    This miniboat has a sensor pack installed, so in addition to location it will report air temperature, water temperature, and pitch. Zoom in to the map below to see the data reporting from the sensor package.