1st Voyage

Click on the titles below to explore the 1st voyage of the Scarborough Sailor miniboat.

  • June 3, 2017 - Launched by the F/V Harmony

    On the 3rd of June 2017,  F/V Harmony out of Portland, Maine deployed the Scarborough Sailor on Georges Bank.

  • June 27, 2017 - Landed and recovered on Campobello Island, New Brunswick

    After an excursion into Southern New England waters south of Martha’s Vineyard, it turned northeast into the Gulf of Maine. On 27 June 2017, it was  rescued before hitting the rocks by a Calvin Mallocks, a Campobello Island lobsterman.

    Joe Finnegan who works at the NOAA lab in Woods Hole, MA, happened to be going to his summer home on Campobello the following day!  Since he knows Calvin and his wife Laurie, he called their house, surprised them with information about this little boat. Joe’s wife Carol returned the boat 400+ miles to Massachusetts.

    It needs a new sail since it apparently lost its original underway.  Given its track against the prevailing currents however, it seems as though it had a sail for most of its journey.

  • June 2017 - Voyage 1 Complete

    Click on the titles above to explore the 1st voyage of the Scarborough Sailor miniboat.

    The Scarborough Sailor was repaired and upgraded with new sensors in 2022 and relaunched in 2023. To explore that story and track, click here.