1st Voyage

The SEA EAGLE is a miniboat built by students at Episcopal School of Jacksonville, in Florida. As they were starting to build their boat, another miniboat named HOPE washed ashore on a beach in Jacksonville. It was brought to their school so students could connect with those in Boston.

The SEA EAGLE was ready for launch in 2023:

Unfortunately the weather was too tricky for a launch, and we all wanted to see the boat sail farther than Florida, so a lot of emails were exchanged. Eventually, another miniboat from South Carolina (GRYPHON CRUISER) ended up on Daytona Beach, Florida and the teacher from Beaufort Middle School drove down to Florida to pick up her boat, Sea Eagle, and Hope. They made some repairs to the boats, and they were brought to the port of Charleston, SC by May 20 and loaded on cargo ships to head to the Gulf Stream.

The SEA EAGLE went with GRYPHON CRUISER on the M/V Flevogracht (Hope went on the M/V Hawaiian Highway).

May 20, 2023 – Launch Day

The two miniboats were launched on May 20, 2023 around 22:00 UTC.

We all want to thank Master Revenko and crew, Jay Stewart at the Port of Charleston, Ann Ritchie and crew at Beaufort Middle School, Janet Buford and crew at the School in Jacksonville, and all who have helped to continue this project and connect us all.