1st Voyage

  • June 2019 - Ready for launch

    The Smith STEM School in West Hartford, CT is ready to launch their second miniboat into the Atlantic… The Smith’s Ocean Rider! Check out the story published in the Hartford Courant, Smith School Students Launch Mini Sailboat Off To Sea.

    “Among the items students chose to represent their lives in at Smith School, in West Hartford, and Connecticut in general included Hartford Wolf Pack gear, a plush version of the state bird, Connecticut inventions, a Smith School shirt, and art made by students.”

  • July 30, 2019 - Launched

    The second boat of the Smith STEM School was launched near the shelf break on July 30, 2019 thanks to Captain Dean. Here are some pictures from the deployment:

  • August 7, 2019 - Approaching Long Island Sound

    She quickly sailed North towards Long Island Sound… we’re keeping an eye out to see where she lands!

  • August 7, 2019 - Spotted at sea

    @lnigrelli spotted the Smiths Ocean Rider at sea today near Fishers Island!

  • August 9, 2019 - Recovered

    Thanks to the amazing summer camp crew (especially Ms. Megan Strand) of New England Science and Sailing, the Smith’s Ocean Rider has been recovered! Here is there account of the rescue mission:

    “This week our marine biologists camp program (ages 11-17) we are partnered with the Mystic Aquarium. The camp spends the morning with New England Science & Sailing where we show them field research techniques and then they develop their own research topics. The do the field research and then create a poster project. It being Friday they were finished with their projects and were headed out for a fun morning of boogie boarding and wave science at Napatree Beach, RI. In the afternoons they go to the Mystic Aquarium where they learn what it means to be a marine biologist in an aquarium setting.

    Before we went boogie boarding we decided to perform this rescue mission. We had 11 students, one adult, two power boats, and two NESS educators/captains (me being one and the rescuer featured in the video). The video pretty much tells the rest of the story. Also if you look at the map for the boat it shows that after the rescue we had a much needed fun morning in the waves at Napatree.”

    And they captured the rescue on video! Check it out:


    On this first voyage, the Smith’s Ocean Rider sailed for 367 km (198 nm) in 8 days (July 30 – August 9, 2019). In a straight line the distance was 150 km (81 nm). The average speed was 1.04 knots and was fastest on August 7, 2019 when she was clocked at sailing 2.86 knots (the final wind push into the levy!).

2nd Voyage

  • September 1, 2019 - Relaunched

    The Smith’s Ocean Rider was repaired and relaunched by Captain Dean on September 1, 2019.

  • September 14, 2019 - Landed in Virginia

    The SOR sailed around the shelf for a few days but ended up going south and landing in Virginia. She was safely recovered by a fisherman named Elvis and brought to a nearby school.


    On this second voyage, the Smith’s Ocean Rider sailed for 1,005 km (543 nm) in 13 days (September 1 – 14, 2019). In a straight line the distance was 453 km (245 nm). The average speed was 1.74 knots.