Tapping the Seas


1st Voyage

  • About us

    Gilford Elementary School is a K-4 school located in Gilford, NH.  We have 311 learners ages 5 through 10. Our school is approximately 55 miles from the ocean in Portsmouth, NH. Our primary language is English. Our entire school is involved with the miniboat project. We discuss the project in technology and library classes.

    What our school hopes to accomplish through this project is learning about other cultures around the world, wind, ocean currents and making predictions.

  • Update: Boat building begins

    Our adult mentor, Lance Bodie helped us paint the hull, attach the keel and install the mast. Ms. Glover did a great job filling the keel and having it ready to install by our boat builder, Lance Bodie.

    We’ve had a fantastic week decorating our mini boat with a maple leaf representing each of our 20 classrooms.  

    We also built our own boats and measured ourselves to see if we were bigger than the mini boat.

    We also wrote stories pertaining to what makes our school special.

  • Update: The naming of our boat

    During last Friday’s showcase, our learners were brimming with enthusiasm as we unveiled the perfect name for our mini boat. We’re proud to introduce “Tapping the Seas” as the chosen name. This name encapsulates our dedication to exploring the remarkable world of the oceans, while also making connections to our maple sugaring project.

  • Update: Items for the cargo hold

    Our learners will be given the opportunity to select and place items in the boat’s cargo hatch. These items will not only infuse a personal touch but will also spark conversations and connections with anyone who finds our mini boat at the end of its journey. We included: a stuffed Panda, how to make maple syrup book written by second graders, a book, bracelets, a journal with stories about our decisions, tiny door, Harley and maple syrup (of course).

  • November 10: Shakedown Cruise in Lake Winnisquam

    The Mini Boat Project is rapidly approaching its culmination, and we are excited to announce that our goal is to launch “Tapping the Seas” into the open waters soon.

    On November 10, we had our shakedown cruise thanks to the help from Winnisquam Marine. We met Kinsgley and her family at the dock in Belmont. We installed the GPS tracker in the cargo hold and taped up the seal before setting out on the boat. Our mini boat did fantastic. It withstood waves and floated in the open water. It was a cold boat ride, but it was worth it.


    Stay tuned for updates on the launch date.

  • November 2023 - Launched by Little Bay Lobster Co

    On November 22, 2023 the Tapping of the Seas was delivered to the docks of the Little Bay Lobster Co in Newington, New Hampshire (who also launched a few other miniboats this year for us – the Wildcat Wave, Clipper Ripper, and Topsfield Titan!).

    The crew of the F/V Rachel Leah headed out into the Gulf of Maine after the long weekend, and launched the Tapping of the Seas on November 29. We received the following note from Captain John:

    “We have deployed your miniboat today at 08:45 just east of Munson canyon. Position 40′ 36 02N 66′ 56 50W John F/V Rachel Leah”

    We will post and share pictures and videos when the crew returns back to port. In the meantime, fair winds and following seas to the 200th miniboat ever launched!