1st Voyage

The Students at Webster are hoping the miniboat makes it way across the Atlantic to Europe. Inside the hatch the students are placed a class picture, a map showing where Manchester is located in the USA and a small bottle of maple syrup for the finders to enjoy.

  • April 13, 2019 - Aboard the R/V Armstrong

    The miniboat was brought to the R/V Neil Armstrong on April 13, 2019 by Ms. Tessier, the lead miniboat teacher at Webster School.

    It left Woods Hole in Massachusetts on April 14, 2019.

  • April 18, 2019 - Launched

    The Legendary was launched off the R/V Armstrong on April 18, 2019. According to the chief scientist on board  “It appeared seaworthy and sailed off to the NW under the prevailing wind.”

    Thanks to the crew and NSF OOI for their assistance!

  • April 20-21, 2019 - Landed and recovered

    The full moon tide brought The Legendary onto the rocks in Westport, MA on the trails of the Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. Beachwalker Tim found it on his walk the morning of April 21 and brought the boat home with him. His brother Jim will help to get it relaunched later this week.

2nd Voyage

  • May 10, 2019 - Aboard the A/C Columbia

    Captain Jim Slattery Jr, with his Tugboat Justine McAllister, arranged for The Legendary to be launched off the Auto Carrier “Columbia” out of North Kingston, Rhode Island. The A/C Columbia will be heading for Germany and around mid Afternoon on 05-11-19 the crew will launch the miniboat safely away from rotary currents of George’s Bank & SE Part Waters (blending right into the Gulf Stream).

    Multinational joint venture on starboard bridge wing. Thanks to all for their efforts to get The Legendary out to sea!
  • May 11, 2019 - Launched at sea

    Captain Jim sent us the news on the afternoon of May 11 that “The Legendary was released @ 1519 hours, 223 miles ESE of cape cod (east and south of Canadian line & Corsair canyon). She is in over 2200 fathoms of water and just north of Picket and Balanus Seamounts.”
    Master Benito Deliarte of the M/V Columbia Highway also sent the details via email: “We have dropped Project Boat in position Lat. 39-59.98N, Long. 065-27.03W / 1919UTC/ 1519HRS. LT 11TH MAY 2019. God Bless.”
    Thank you to all who helped get her out sailing!
  • June 3, 2019 - Update

    A note from the students of Webster School:

    We are still in school for another 9 days. We track The Legendary Daily. The kids love it. We just had a large celebration of learning and had The Legendary was featured:

  • October 20, 2019 - Landed and recovered in Portugal!

    After 161 days at sea, The Legendary landed in Portugal. Thanks to Luis for alerting his contacts and to Dr. Brock for the successful recovery! Dr Brock sent us the following email on October 20: “We found your Boot in Baleal Beach Portugal! It took lots of water but seems ok so far.”


    On this second voyage, the miniboat The Legendary sailed for >11,140 km (6,015 nm) in 161 days from dropsite in May 2019 to Portugal in October 2019. In a straight line the distance was only 4,716 km (2,547 nm). The average speed was 1.55 knots and was fastest on 5/22/19 when it was sailing at 6.51 knots!

  • October - December 2019: Connecting Schools

    Connecting Schools

    The Escola Azul invited nearby schools to submit applications for having The Legendary visit their school and connect with Webster School in New Hampshire, USA. On National Sea Day, November 16, it was announced that the miniboat will visit the Diogo Macedo School Group, from Vila Nova de Gaia (Agrupamento de Escolas Diogo de Macedo, de Vila Nova de Gaia). Congratulations (Parabéns)!

    Their application was as follows: “Diogo de Macedo School is a Blue School located in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, district of Porto, near the Douro River. Due to traditional fishing and the production and trade of Port wine, our community has strong connections with the Douro and the sea. We’re close to the Port of Leixões and a Canoeing Training Center.

    Having learned about “The Legendary”’s journey and considering its mission to build bridges between different communities, our school is the ideal choice to continue this adventure.

    Our project aims to involve:

    • Students from Pre-School up until 15-year-olds.
    • Different subjects: Languages, Sciences, Geography and Visual Education
    • Local community, through the Crestuma Nautical Club, Elio Kayaks and fishing community
    • Partnerships with the Aguda Litoral Station and the Port of Leixões.

    Expected Activities:

    • Assessment of the miniboat conservation status
    • Maintenance/repairing of the miniboat
    • Decoration
      • Selecting iconic elements from the local community
      • Drawings and paintings
    • Study of the miniboat’s journey
    • Preparing a symbolic launch of “The Legendary” in the Douro River
      • Verifying the navigability conditions of the miniboat
    • Deciding the right spot for the launch (with the help of partnerships)
    • Production of documents and items to include inside the miniboat
    • Creation of a digital logbook, registering all the stages and accompanying “The Legendary”’s journey through the next destination.
    • Connecting with Webster’s school

    Our Blue School wants to follow the spirit of discovery and unity among people from our great navigators, such as Fernão Magalhães and Infante D. Henrique.

    November 2019

    The Webster School in the US sent a video to the Diogo de Macedo School through email with questions and the students will continue to correspond virtually through email for now.

  • February 2020: Updates from Portugal

    “The 10th A began its journey on The Legendary, for now, still on land. In our library, we made some recordings to send to American students, during which this class answered their questions – information about the condition of the sailboat and where it was found, as well as other information related to our school and traditions of our country.” Read more here.

    Isabel Pereira posted an update on Facebook on February 7:

    O mini-veleiro do Agrupamento de Escolas Diogo de Macedo, The Legendary, teve hoje uma visita muito especial. Os meninos do Jardim de Infância de Seixo-Alvo conheceram a sua história e os projetos futuros…

    The Mini-sailboat of the Diogo de Macedo, The Legendary, had a very special visit today. The boys from the Seixo-Target-Garden knew their history and future projects…

    Later, “the students in class 1A of the Basic School of Church 2 started to work on the mini-sailboat project The Legendary. After hearing their history and adventures in the Atlantic Ocean, they were challenged to imagine the boat making records through illustration, using the watercolor technique.” Read more here.

    A note from the students in Portugal to those in the US was shared on February 10:

  • June 2020: Video message to USA

    The students at Agrupamento de Escolas Diogo de Macedo had taken pictures and filmed footage before at home learning started due to global pandemic, and they were able to compile the following video to share with the students at Webster School. These answers are in response to the video message that Webster sent them in November 2019.

  • March 15, 2022: Decorations continue in Portugal

    The school in Portugal has been working hard to decorate the miniboats. See pictures in Facebook poste embedded below, or on their website here.

THE LEGENDARY was donated to Webster School in Manchester, New Hampshire by Brown and Company Design in Portsmouth NH.

Download Daily Data Set – Voyage 2