Yarmouth Clipper Ship

Yarmouth Middle School (ME)


1st & 2nd Voyage

The “Yarmouth Clipper Ship” belongs to the Yarmouth Middle School in Yarmouth, Maine. She was launched north of the Bahamas with four other boats and got blown ashore one mile north of Cape Hatteras. She was found by surfers who re-launched her 46 miles off shore. She continued sailing up the East Coast and came to within 40 miles of Newfoundland before turning 90◦ east and sailing toward Europe.

Her last report came on October 17, 2012, when hurricane Rafael was passing through. We suspect she either broke up or her GPS unit got wet and has stopped functioning. She was well over half way across the Atlantic at her last report. If we are lucky someone in Europe will find her and contact Yarmouth Middle School.