Passages: EP News October 2021

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Passages: EP News March 2021

Dear Friend, Perseverance. To move forward and achieve by overcoming difficulties and challenges that are presented. I use this term when describing not only the incredible work of our teachers and students, but to so many other people in our lives as well. I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge them, and you, because you are also […]

Passages: EP News December 2020

Letter from the Director This year has been like no other, and we are so grateful to all of you who are helping to keep this program going. I wanted to share with you a few highlights since our last newsletter in August to help show our tremendous appreciation to those of you who undertook this program during this […]

Passages: EP News August 2020

Letter from the Director | Half a world away: Sacred Heart Star of the Sea lands in Australia | Jackalope lands in its 3rd Country | Updates from the CRMM Miniboat Program | Monmouth Academy research vessel sails from ME to MA | Adventures around the Atlantic | Sailing towards a bright future  Letter from […]

Passages: EP News March 2020

Letter from the Director | The Great Lakes Are: Fautasi | CRMM Miniboat Program Updates | Jackalope Relaunched After 2+ Years | Atlantic Adventures | Sailing the Indian Ocean | Quick Links Letter from the Director Together we are facing challenges we have never seen before, and our hearts are with all those being affected […]

Passages: EP News November 2019

Letter from the Director | Charting New Waters | Boat Status | Resource Alert: Miniboat Path Analysis Tool | Quick Links Letter from the Director In honor of Giving Tuesday we are excited to share our most recent addition of the EP newsletter. I love to remind people that the Ocean is a very important and […]

Passages: EP News July 2019

Letter from the Director | Charting New Waters | Path Analysis Tool | Miniboat Hero Highlight: Holly Blair, Educator | Journal of Ocean Technology | Boat Status | Quick Links Letter from the Director The summer season is upon us, temperatures are on the rise, gardens are growing and beach days are here! It’s been […]

Passages: EP News December 2018

Letter from the Director | Charting New Waters | Miniboat Hero Highlight: Nate Sandel, Education Director | Ocean Literacy Toolkit | Boat Status | Quick Links Letter from the Director Greetings and Happy Holidays! The season of giving is upon us as well as the time to remember what we should all be thankful for. […]

Passages: EP News June 2018

Letter from the Director: Happy Summer Solstice! What a bittersweet time of year in New England. We all treat Winter with diverse emotions, I personally LOVE snow but I think our Program Director Cassie would politely disagree. As much as Cassie and I can disagree about what kind of weather we prefer, we will agree that June 21st […]

Passages: EP News December 2017

Letter from the Director: Greetings! We have been busy here at Educational Passages (EP) and have a lot of news to share with everyone. Over the past year we have deployed over two dozen miniboats all around the world with many more ready to set sail. As the new Executive Director, I am excited to […]