US-Azores Miniboat Project: Connecting Communities Across the Atlantic

The “US-Azores Miniboat Project: Connecting Communities Across the Atlantic”
is a cultural exchange between the US and Azores, Portugal, that engages
young students and their communities in learning about the connections to the
ocean through building, launching, and tracking of uncrewed, GPS equipped
miniature sailboats (“miniboats”).

Funded by the US Embassy in Lisbon in 2020, Sgt W. H. Carney Academy Elementary (New Bedford, Massachusetts, US) and Escola Básica António José de Ávila (Horta, Faial, Azores, Portugal) have been building their own miniboats while getting to know each other virtually. The project is lead by partners New Bedford Whaling Museum in the US and Observatório do Mar dos Açores (OMA) in Faial, Educational Passages and the College of Exploration.