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Lancer to be Featured in ‘Secrets of the Aquarium’ Documentary

We are excited to celebrate with the Ocean Conservation Trust and National Marine Aquarium, who will be featured in a documentary series, Secrets of the Aquarium’ coming to BBC2 on Tuesdays from Nov 14 to Dec 19. The November 21 episode will feature our very own Lancer and the work that went into its upgrade and relaunch to collect ocean data during STEMfest 2022 and part of Project OCN.

Sign up for links and info to watch the episode (only available in the UK – we are hoping it becomes available elsewhere too!):

From their website:

The National Marine Aquarium is the Ocean Conservation Trust’s window to the Ocean and is an essential element in the delivery of all of our conservation work. Secrets of The Aquarium will take viewers on an extraordinary journey behind the scenes, offering a unique glimpse into the captivating world of marine life.

With breath-taking cinematography and exclusive access to the inner workings of the NMA, the series will showcase the incredible diversity of the marine species who make the National Marine Aquarium their home. You will be introduced to our dedicated team of experts, scientists and marine biologists who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of our resident sea creatures while engaging in vital conservation efforts to make our vision of a healthy, thriving Ocean, a reality, through our three Ocean programmes: Ocean Advocacy, Ocean Habitats, and Ocean Experiences. 

The 6-part documentary series is narrated by Joanna Scanlan (Thick of It, Getting On, Notes on a Scandal, In the Loop) and will feature fascinating stories of looking after animals and our conservation efforts. These stories include rehoming a turtle from the Maldives, the unforeseen problems of seagrass restoration, connecting people in local care homes with the sea, and launching a miniboat to cross the Atlantic collecting vital Ocean data. These stories highlight the profound impact of the National Marine Aquarium and the Ocean Conservation Trust, showcasing our commitment to restoring and protecting the Ocean.

The miniboat in reference is the Lancer, which first started its journey at sea in 2016. The full story of Lancer includes THREE at sea voyages. The most recent voyage is the one featured in the documentary. Find out where it was recovered in April 2023 after traveling west over 9,700 km from the Canary Islands:

Read more about Project OCN here. Educational Passages would also like to thank the Ocean Conservation Trust and National Marine Aquarium team for their generous support and dedication to this project, but also to the many people and partners that have helped to keep the story going since 2016. 

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