1st Voyage

  • December 2012 - Launched off South Carolina

    The Crimson Tide was launched off South Carolina along with a few other miniboats, watch the video below! The students were determined that their boat be the first boat in this group to reach Europe!

  • February 2014 - Recovered in France

    On the morning of 16 February 2014, it was discovered by fisherman Paris Broe-Bougourd in a 22′ foot boat off the coast of St Peter Port, Guernsey and brought to shore. The story started to appear in the British press at the Sustainable Guernsey and Daily Mail. Crimson Tide came through enormous seas. Weather buoys in the English Channel recorded a 75 foot wave off Cornwall earlier that month!

    Paris Broe-Bougourd found the damaged unmanned vessel while fishing off the coast of Guernsey

2nd Voyage

  • January 2015 - Repaired and relaunched in Bay of Biscay

    After repairs in January 2015 with help from Kathy Broe-Bougourd, a BBC article reported that “Iain Phillips, agency manager for Alderney Shipping, said the crew of the cargo vessel Clarity – carrying scrap metal from the island to Ferrol, in Spain – agreed to launch it once the ship was in the Bay of Biscay, off the west coast of France”.

    The sail on the model boat has been replaced and it has been cleaned and repainted

    She was relaunched in Bay of Biscay and floated to France.

  • February 2015 - Delivered to Ogec Bourgenay school

    The Crimson Tide was picked up and delivered to Ogec Bourgenay, a primary school in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, France.

3rd Voyage

  • April 2015 - A six mile voyage

    The miniboat was relaunched from the shore in April… floated along the shoreline for 6 miles or so and found by an elderly gentleman who gave the boat to a boat building school for teens but contact was quiet after that.

Crimson Tide on her way back home to NJ

  • January 2019 - Repaired in France and brought back to the US

    The day after Morristown Beard’s boat #7, the Navis Stellarum, went into the water, they got some crazy news out of the blue. Lisa Swanson, MB’s miniboat lead teacher sent us this note: “Our first boat, Crimson Tide, landed in Guernsey 7 years ago, landed in France after a relaunch (twice). About 18 months ago, the vo-tech school that fixed her up had hoped to put her aboard the QE2, but for security reasons that did not happen. Well, apparently the school just put her aboard a catamaran heading to a Fort Lauderdale boat show. We just got word from the boat skipper that he has our boat in Fort Lauderdale and is looking to pass it back to us. We are looking into finding someone to get the boat. What is pretty cool about this little boat is that the kids who worked on her were my former 6th grade students. They are now 12th graders ready to graduate. We would love to the boat back on campus before they head to college. I have lots of pictures of them working on the boat when they were 11 and 12 yrs, old.”

    At the end of January, Captain Wes Abell and Joe Robillard, two of Educational Passages’ most dedicated miniboat heros, arranged to have the Crimson Tide brought back to Maryland. They will bring it to Morristown Beard School very soon. Students at Eric Tabarly High School in Olonne Sur Mer took amazing care of the Crimson Tide before sending it back to the states.

    They included a letter to the students of Morristown Beard with the newly painted boat:

    And even included a group photo:

    How interesting it is that Eric Tabarly, the school’s namesake, was himself one of the greatest sailors and heroes. Joe said in his email, “It all seems so appropriate that it would be this school. I hope the Seniors (and the whole school) get a big kick out of this.  It’s an amazing and unlikely story.  It’s a story of adventure, hope, improbability, kindness, generosity, and international friendship.  It’s a big World…but it’s not too big…

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