1st Voyage - Underway

The Sojourner’s Truth was brought aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer, a SEA Semester (SEA Education Association) ship heading to the Gulf Stream in October 2020 as part of class C-294, Atlantic Odyssey and Ocean Exploration. This is a program for gap year students and university undergraduates that will leave Woods Hole on October 11 for a nearly six-week passage to Key West Florida, where they arrive November 18.

  • September 2018 - Kit delivered to Rye Jr High

    In September of 2018, Educational Passages delivered the boat kit directly the school (their office is only an hour away). The students were told there would be a presentation, but didn’t know they were being given a boat to build!

  • February 2019 - Preparations

    By February 2019, the keel was filled.

  • March 2020 - Progress

    By March 2020 the boat preparations were moving along. They were planning to paint the bottom with anti-fouling paint, and had letters written to request launch assistance from the river Captains in Portsmouth and the Coast Guard.

    They were looking to name their boat Riptide, but noticed that two recent miniboats had also been named that. They agreed to name their boat RYE RIPTIDES.

  • May 2020 - Final (virtual) decorations

    The students submitted their decorations virtually as pictures and scanned images. Since schools were happening virtually, this was the only way to finish up the boat and get it ready for launching!

    They collected the images and had Educational Passages help to print, laminate, and epoxy them to the deck of the boat. By the end of June the Rye Riptides was ready for sailing!

    Next up: Launching…

  • October 2020 - Delivered to the crew of SEA Semester for deployment

    Students from the 5th grade class that built the boat (who are now 6th graders) joined the new class of 5th graders of Ms. Adams on a virtual connection with Cassie Stymiest, the Director of Educational Passages who helped to make final preparations before bringing the Rye Riptides to the docks in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Ms. Adams, the lead teacher for the boat at Rye Junior High, also came to the docks on Friday to add student messages and treasures inside the hatch. With safe social distancing protocols, the boat was prepped and taken aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer. Thanks to Captain Sean Bercaw and the entire SEA Semester Program as their class and crew have plans to launch the boats into the Gulf Stream during their program, which you can read more about (and watch the sendoff moment) via Facebook live here:

    As mentioned in the video above, Captain Bercaw has been launching message-in-a-bottles for decades. Here’s a video about him and his efforts:

    Captain Sean Bercaw. from hrldmm on Vimeo.

  • October 11 - SEA Semester Crew

    On October 11, the S/V Corwith Cramer left port with its crew to study the “Atlantic Odyssey and Ocean Exploration”.

    You can follow the cruise blog on the SEA Education Association Website here.

    More about Class C-294 here:

  • October 25, 2020 - Launched into the Gulf Stream

    Thanks to the crew of the S/V Corwith Cramer and the SEA Semester Program, the Rye Riptides was launched alongside the Sojourner’s Truth into the Gulf Stream on October 25, 2020 at 15:37GMT.

    The two miniboats on deck, ready for launch
    Rye Riptides sailing away! Captain Sean said in a correspondence, “There was a fair bit of breeze and the vessel charged right off, looking jaunty!”

    More pictures and videos will follow when the crew returns to port in November.

    CLICK HERE to read the blog entry from SEA Semester with all the details!