1st Voyage

  • May 2021: Preparations by the Kilglass National School 5th and 6th class

    Here’s a short clip of 5th and 6th class from Kilglass National School in Co Galway busy getting their 1.5 metre unmanned mini sailboat called ‘Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe – the Galway Sailor’ ready for deployment during the AIMSIR survey from the R/V Celtic Explorer:

    Here are some pictures from Mr. Kane of the students working to prepare their miniboat. The Artwork includes:

    • References to Ocean Literacy and the Ocean Principles
    • Favourite symbols of Irish culture and sport including a Harp and Hurley
    •  A drawing of a famous Galway fishing boat ‘The Galway Hooker’
    • A sports themed Skull and Crossbones’ themed flag
    • An ancient Irish Ogham message ‘Good Luck’
    • Pupils’ favourite Irish animals and fish species
    • Our chosen boat name ‘Seoltóir na Gaillimhe’
    • Painted Logos of the Marine organisations linked to the project: iFADO, Marine Institute and Explorers Education Programme
    • Lines from John Keats famous nautical poem and a class favourite ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ and an Albatross painted on sail for good luck!
    • Our school and County crest and colours and the Irish flag
    • Some fun nautical images

  • June 1, 2021: Delivered to the R/V Celtic Explorer

    Students from the 5th and 6th class of Kilglass National School in Co Galway delivered their miniboat, named Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe – the Galway Sailor to the Marine Institute’s research vessel, R/V Celtic Explorer on Monday, May 31.

    Read the full press release, “Unmanned miniature Sail boat ‘Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe – the Galway Sailor’ to be deployed from the RV Celtic Explorer” here.

    They have been preparing the boat for this voyage for the last couple of weeks, decorating it and filling the cargo space with messages and gifts, all while learning about the ocean and exploring their connections to it. The boat was funded as part of the EU Interreg iFADO project.

    31/05/2021repro free: Peter Kane, teacher with Padraic Creedon of the Explorers Education Programme, Christine Loughlin, Marine Institute and Kieran Reilly, Marine Institute with 6th class students (from the same pod) Rosie Dolan, Olivia Cotton, Ruby Glynn, Naomi Faulkner, Sophie Kelly from Kilglass National School in Co Galway delivered their 1.5 metre unmanned mini sailboat called ‘Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe – the Galway Sailor’ to the Marine Institute’s research vessel, RV Celtic Explorer, in Galway Harbour. Marine Institute scientists will deploy the mini-boat from the RV Celtic Explorer into the Atlantic Ocean, near the M6 Weather Buoy, during the Atlantic In-situ Marine Scientific Infrastructure Replacement survey.
    Photo: Andrew Downes xposure
  • June 2, 2021 - Launched!

    At 9:00 UTC on June 2, 2021, the R/V Celtic Explorer launched the miniboat Seoltóir Na Gaillimhe (Galway Sailor). The GPS sent its first official report at 14:59 GMT and is set to report every 6 hours.

    @Cloughlinvt tweeted a pic of the miniboat launch with the M6 buoy in the background shortly after the launch:

    And when the crew returned back, Kieran Reilly sent these awesome deployment pics:

    June 3, 2021 Update

This is the first of five miniboats to be launched from the iFADO Project (Innovation in the Framework of the Atlantic Deep Ocean).