iFADO Project (Innovation in the Framework of the Atlantic Deep Ocean)

Engaging in the Educational Passages Miniboat Program, the iFADO (Innovation in the Framework of the Atlantic Deep Ocean) consortium of researchers are launching a total of five mini-boats this year around the Atlantic from Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. See map below for these miniboat participants. The iFADO project combines traditional surveillance with profitable, cutting-edge technologies. One of the project’s dissemination objectives is to involve citizens with initiatives such as the Educational Passages Miniboat Program.

The Atlantic Area project iFADO is working on the creation of marine services at regional and sub-regional scale using the EU Atlantic Waters as a case study. By filling current technical gaps, iFADO will use the Marine Strategy Framework Directive implementation to demonstrate the application of innovative products. The project will combine traditional monitoring with cost-effective, state-of-the-art technologies: remote sensing, numerical modelling and emerging observation platforms such us gliders and oceanic buoys.

The iFADO project is funded by the European Interreg Atlantic Area program in its first call. Comprising 20 partners from Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Ireland, the consortium will strengthen the transfer of innovation results to facilitate the emergence of new products, services, and processes. The project commenced in late 2017 with a duration of 48 months and a total budget of €3.6 million.