Virtual Open House 2020

Miniboat Open House 2020 Join us for a virtual Miniboat Open House to learn more about Educational Passages, hear some of the recent stories of miniboat travels around the world, and talk with us about how you can integrate the program in or out of the classroom this fall. If you are not available at […]

Student-built unmanned miniature research vessel from Massachusetts lands in Australia

CONTACT: Cassie Stymiest, Educational Passages, 207-619-1259, Student-built unmanned miniature research vessel from Massachusetts lands in Australia KINGSTON, MA. A 5.5 foot long unmanned sailboat (miniboat) built eighteen months ago by students at Sacred Heart School in Massachusetts, has landed at Dalyellup Beach, near Bunbury, Western Australia.  Educational Passages, a nonprofit organization whose mission is […]

Miniboat Hero Highlight: Holly Blair, Educator

Written by Erin PelletierHolly Blair’s interest in the Educational Passage’s miniboat program started at the 2015 National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) Annual Conference. Her interest became a reality when a week later she found a recovered miniboat (The Upper) at her local Goodwill store and purchased it for $5 US! Over the next summer she […]

International News Article on the Japanese Connection

Nate Sandel provided the following the link to the story that aired in Japan and on NHK World International News.​

Passages: EP News December 2017

Letter from the Director: Greetings! We have been busy here at Educational Passages (EP) and have a lot of news to share with everyone. Over the past year we have deployed over two dozen miniboats all around the world with many more ready to set sail. As the new Executive Director, I am excited to […]

Building Boats to Build Communities

The Teaching With Small Boats Alliance (TWSBA) 2017 conference and 2017 Boat Engineering Challenge exemplified a common theme: students, not boats, should be the focus of maritime and marine programs. At TWSBA, sessions explored youth development, combated systemic biases, and exposed the diverse routes of post-programming opportunities. The conference, hosted at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum […]

Cleaning a Beach to Celebrate Earth Day ’17

Earth Day brought rain to the Town of Fenwick Island, but the weather did not deter the residents.  They spent Saturday removing potential marine debris from their streets and beaches, working as a community to improve ocean sustainability. The Educational Passages team discovered Fenwick on NOAA’s Earth Day marine debris cleanup page which linked to the […]

Mini-boats Downtown: Educational Passages at NSTA17

Bill Nye’s Call to Action After settling into our downtown hotels, the Educational Passages team attended Bill Nye’s keynote speech at the LA Convention Center. In between the humor and science, Bill spoke directly to the educators, asking them to prepare the next generation for massive environmental challenges across the world. He wants Generation S […]

Maine Boat Finds Its Third Country

Two years ago, fifth-graders from Nazaré, Portugal colored blank paper boats with crayon designs.  The words paz, peace, amor, love, todos amigos, all friends filled the gaps between images of Portugal and the United States.  The students prepared for the restoration of West, a five-foot long mini-boat launched two years prior by Westbrook Middle School in Maine.  Portuguese hands […]

Debut of a “Rock Star”

See full story at November 8, 2016 Contact: Shelley Dawicki Print Version Boat will be NEFSC testbed for new sensors Another Manning-Educational Passages collaboration involves a new sensor package on the miniboats to obtain more information about environmental conditions. Up to now they have been equipped with a GPS sensor to provide latitude and longitude so […]