Letter from the Director:

In honor of Giving Tuesday we are excited to share our most recent addition of the EP newsletter. I love to remind people that the Ocean is a very important and amazing part of our planet that give us the air we breathe and help with climate regulation. It is truly exciting to explore and we enjoy watching the students and teachers utilize our Miniboat Program to take part in the discovery, and that is what Educational Passages is all about.  

EP has coordinated 38 deployments this year, with 22 recoveries so far, and there are a dozen more getting ready to be sent to sea by many teachers and their students from all over the world. Speaking of all over the world, our Program Director, Cassie Stymiest, was in the Azores in September for EMSEA (European Marine Science Educators Association) conference where she connected with global partners and even helped launch a miniboat with students from Portugal (pictured above). This is one example of how we are trying to build global ocean literacy one little boat at a time. 

Don’t forget that each boat has their very own webpage so everyone can follow along! Check out all the maps at www.educationalpassages.org/maps/ and if it’s easier to remember, try the link miniboats.org to share your story. As always we enjoy your interest and comments, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Be well and Sail On,


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